On March 19, 2017 we made our second visit to the Binh Minh Leprosy Center in Dong Nai province. Located to the north of Saigon, the center cares for a large number of people of all ages who suffer from this debilitating disease. Ostracized from their home communities, these people receive comfort and care at the center, and families have their own living quarters in this village of compassion. As with our previous visit to Binh Minh, this project was coordinated by the monks of the Xom Chieu and Dai Tung Lam pagodas in Saigon. When we told the monks that we wished to make another visit, they organized the trip, made the journey north, and handed out essential supplies to all of the residents. This charity trip was made entirely possible through the kindhearted donation of the McDuffie family in the USA.

Thank you!!!