On July 21, 2017 we visited the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage with lots of healthy food. Loc Tho provides free primary schooling to neighborhood children whose parents cannot afford the costs of public school. This includes providing free textbooks, backpacks, school uniforms, and school supplies. Accredited teachers work at the school, and the children do not have to pay school fees, as they would at a public school. Loc Tho also provides free meals to the children, and we make monthly visits to ensure their diets include healthy supplements.

On this visit, we brought cartons of milk, bags of different mushrooms, bags of different soy products, packages of juice, and a yummy jelly snack for the children. The children gathered at the tables and dove into their treats! This trip was made possible through the continued support of Lloyd and Esther.

Thank you!!!