On January 28, 2018 we brought lots of essential supplies and some fun Tet surprises to the Song Lo Orphanage. Song Lo is a small orphanage set in the peaceful countryside to the west of Nha Trang. The Vietnamese new year, Tet, is the biggest holiday of the year, and we like to help the orphanages with essential supplies, as well as giving the children something special for the occasion. Traditions include giving red envelopes of lucky money to children, and having lots of yummy traditional treats. This year, the first day of Tet is in mid-February, and the fun Tet season has already begun.

For general supplies, we brought the orphanage bags of mushrooms, packages of noodles, varieties of beans, tofu, soy packages, many sauces and seasonings, diapers, and cleaning supplies. As a special gift for Tet, the children all received red envelopes of lucky money, and some new toys to play with. Our team spent time with the children, and got a chance to see the orphanage’s lovely garden.

This trip was made possible through the kind donations of Dane Sawmiller, Daniel Cole, Suruchi Khemka, and Alexander Phan.

Thank you!!!