On August 25, 2016 we completed our project to sponsor the education of children in Khanh Son district. Khanh Son is in the rugged mountains to the southwest of Nha Trang, and consists of the ethnic minority Raglai group. These communities live in abject poverty, and we have completed several missions to aid the many Raglai families in this area, including building a non-profit water bottling factory to provide families with clean drinking water.

Education is one of Lovingkindness Vietnam’s core tenants. The Raglai children attend public school in the small towns, and always feel separate from the other children. The children from the towns all have school uniforms, new school books, and backpacks, while the Raglai children come to class with nothing, as the families cannot afford the basic costs of an education at the public schools. The children said that they always felt self-conscious in class, and were less motivated to go. That all changed this year!

Thanks to wonderful donations from JL Support Services, we provided 180 children with new school uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, and brand new backpacks. For all of the children, this was the first time in their lives that they’ve ever had a full complement of school items, and they were especially taken with the backpacks. They all put on their new uniforms, and there were big smiles from children and parents all around. Pre-school and kindergarteners all got new clothes to wear to their lessons, which they were quick to try on. These poor children can now go to school feeling proud and confident.

Thank you!!!