On August 9, 2016 we visited the Thien Tam Orphanage to complete our school project. Thien Tam is a loving home to about 20 young orphans, most of whom are in primary school. The orphanage is entirely dependent upon donations to survive, and the caregivers are committed to ensuring the children receive an education. All of the orphans attend public school, and with so many children, the combined costs can quickly add up. In addition to buying uniforms, textbooks, and school supplies, each child is responsible for paying school maintenance fees at the beginning of the school year. Last month, we brought school uniforms, textbooks, and school supplies to Thien Tam. On this visit, we ensured that the school fees were paid for all the children, ensuring they could attend school for the upcoming term.

Our lead coordinator, Mai Khanh, brought balloons and snacks for the occasion, and the visit turned into a party. The children put on their school uniforms, and gathered in the classroom at Thien Tam where they normally do their homework and receive extra lessons outside of school. The children were lovely, as always.

This project was made possible by the dedication and love of Hien Le of the UK.

Thank you!!!