On June 30, 2017 we brought new shelves and essential supplies to the new charity school in Khanh Son district. We recently helped fund a charity school in the mountains of Khanh Son, to encourage the area’s children to continue their education. In addition to providing free primary schooling for the children, they also have a nap room and dining area, and will provide meals for the children. The region consists primarily of the ethnic Raglay minority group, and poverty is endemic in this area.

As Sister Huong continues to supply the school, we are happy to continue our efforts to provide for the children’s education. To help the students stay organized, we purchased new storage lockers for all the students. The children had never seen anything like it! We also brought food, kitchen supplies, and other essentials to the charity school. We also got to see some of the children in their new white shirts for school, and watched as the children pitched in to help get the school ready.

This charity trip was sponsored by the McDuffie family of the USA. Thank you!!!