On August 8, 2015 we brought many gifts to the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children. These gifts were made possible through kind donations from Ai Linh Tran, Hien Nguyen, Nhu Le, and Nguyen Ho. Thua Sai is a loving home for children with disabilities in their area. The parents cannot afford specialized care or schooling for the children, so they stay at Thua Sai Monday through Friday, where they receive care and education.

When we contacted the nuns at Thua Sai about their most immediate needs, they had a very specific wish list. They asked for school books and supplies for the upcoming school year, and some items for their kitchen. Through our donors, we brought them all of the text books and school supplies that they need, boxes of noodles, and a brand new pressure cooker to help prepare the children’s meals. Our coordinator, Mai Khanh, also brought balloons for the children, who took them into the courtyard to play.