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///Many gifts for the Dai An Orphanage

Many gifts for the Dai An Orphanage

On August 24, 2015 we visited the Dai An Orphanage with many donations. This visit was made possible through the kindness of Peter Wolfson and Chris Hammock & The Artis(t) Movement. When we asked the caregivers how we help the children, they had some specific requests. The children’s bedrooms have never had curtains, which would better help them sleep at night as well as giving them some added privacy. The orphanage also asked for fans, general foodstuff, fire extinguishers (a requirement of all orphanages), cleaning supplies, and a small gas range.

Thanks to the donations of Peter and Chris, we brought new bedroom curtains, 2 fire extinguishers, boxes of noodles, bags of rice, cooking oil, milk, diapers, dish soap, laundry soap, 2 fans, and a gas range.

As a treat for the children, we brought plastic building blocks and other toys, snacks, and ice cream. On a hot summer day, the ice cream was a big hit!

Thank you!!!

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