On August 22, 2015 we celebrated the completion of our Lac Thien Orphanage construction project. This was sponsored by the McDuffie and Stewart families. As the orphanage has grown, they have sought to improve their facilities for the children. They wished to build a new wall around their compound, create a new kitchen and dining room, build new bathrooms and showers, and make modern hallways to the bedrooms. They had begun their project earlier in the year, but ran out of funding. Thanks to the amazing generosity of the McDuffie and Stewart families, we were able to complete every area of their construction.

Below are before and after pictures of the projects. To celebrate the occasion, our coordinator Mai Khanh brought a yummy lunch for the orphans, who sat on the cool tile floor of their new kitchen and dining room. After the lunch, the smaller children played in their new courtyard, while some of the boys went out to the fields for a game of soccer.

It was a great celebration. Thank you!!!



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