Richard and Marjorie continue their kindness towards the Loc Tho Charity School, and made another generous donation for the month of May. It’s the end of the school year, and Hiep thought it would be nice to reward the best students with new backpacks for next year. The nuns at Loc Tho provide a free Primary School for underprivileged children in the area, and donated school supplies are always welcome. They had an end-of-the-year ceremony on May 31st, and 32 children were presented with new backpacks and gifts as a reward for their hard work over the year. Richard and Marjorie’s contribution brought wonderful presents for these outstanding students.

Also in May, we brought Khanh and Jeff’s donation to provide nice Sunday lunches for the kids. For one meal a week the children of Loc Tho get to enjoy a diverse meal with items most of these kids consider a luxury. They had a thick broth of rice and tofu, fresh vegetables with mushrooms, and tamarind and watermelon for desert. Thank you Boisson family for giving the kids something special!

Here are some pictures of the end-of-the-year ceremony

Here are some pictures from one of the Sunday lunches