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///Having Fun with the Orphans of Dai An

Having Fun with the Orphans of Dai An

In November 2018 we had a fun visit with the children at the Dai An Orphanage. Dai An is a loving home to a group of young orphans, located in a peaceful country setting. The caretakers provide a wonderful environment for these children, and our team always enjoys visiting.

We contacted the caretakers to learn what the orphanage needed and organized a trip. We brought seasonings, nuts, meats, fruit, cleaning liquids, diapers,  balloons, and snacks. The children all gathered in the main common room and helped blow up balloons. They always have lots of fun when we balloons start flying. There were smiles and laughs all around.

This visit was made possible through the kindhearted donations of Sharon Kelly, Stephen Milne, and Kari Pepar.

Thank you!!!

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