On December 7, 2014 we brought gifts to the Phu Quang Orphanage. Earlier this year, we brought Dr. Quoc Nguyen of the USA for a visit to the Phu Quang Orphanage. He made a generous donation and was touched by the plight of the children. This trip was made possible by Dr. Nguyen’s continued support for the children at Phu Quang, and these gifts were also made possible by Mr. Nathaniel Whitlow. Upon receiving the donation, our lead coordinator, Ngoc, contacted the orphanage and learn what their most pressing needs were.

On Sunday morning, Ngoc loaded up a van with provisions and drove out to the orphanage. She brought essential foodstuff such as noodles, seasonings, and condensed milk. The children had all requested long pillows to comfort them while they slept. They were overjoyed to see that Dr. Nguyen and Mr. Whitlow had made their dreams come true. And of course when receiving new pillows, the first order of business were some pillow fights.

Thank you for these wonderful gifts!