On March 14, 2020 we visited the Song Lo Orphanage with essential supplies. With the virus in the region, many orphanages and charity homes that we assist are limiting the number of visitors, and we wanted to make sure Song Lo had everything they needed in these trying times.

We coordinated with the nuns and made a big shopping trip for essential supplies, then our team of volunteers drove out to the orphanage for a visit. We brought bags of pasta noodles, bags of soup mixes, packages of varieties of vegan flavorings, bags of dried mushrooms, packages of yogurt, shampoo, toiletries, diapers, laundry detergent, and new wash cloths.

The children helped stack everything in the common room, and as a fun surprise, we handed out treats and gifts to all the orphans. Everyone had lots of fun!

This charity trip was made possible through the kind donations of Khang Do. Thank you!!!


The history of the Song Lo Orphanage’s beginnings is heartwarming. As the story goes, a Buddhist monk was travelling in the countryside when he encountered a woman who said she could not care for her 2 children. She left the babies with the monk and fled. Not expecting to have 2 babies to care for, the monk made his way to the Song Lo pagoda, and the head nun at the pagoda, Sister Cat, agreed to care for the children. From that point on, orphans have been either brought to the pagoda, or abandoned at their gates. Formed in 2012, the Song Lo Orphanage cares for a small group of young children. Located adjacent the Son Lo pagoda, it’s a small facility deep in the countryside west of Nha Trang.