On August 8, 2019 we took the children of the Khanh Son Charity Home on a fun-filled trip to the beach. Located in the mountainous area to the southwest of Nha Trang, the Khanh Son Charity Home is a loving place that houses and cares for many of the community’s children whose families struggle to support and provide for them. Some of the children stay at the home year-round, sleep in dormitories, and have meals together in a communal dining hall. The nuns provide a nurturing environment for all, ensure the children attend local public schools, and offer free daycare, kindergarten, and after-school tutoring lessons.

Because the children live in the mountains none of them had ever been to the beach before. It was a dream for all of them and we were excited to make it happen. We coordinated with the nuns, rented vans, and organized an amazing trip to the beach. We set up near a beach-side restaurant, and the children had a big meal. Then playtime began! None of the children knew how to swim, so we rented inner tubes and everyone stayed close to shore, splashing in the waves. They played games on the beach and had so much fun!

This dream trip for the children was sponsored by Michelle Nguyen and on behalf and in memory of Vinh-Quang Hao Nguyen.

Thank you!!!