On September 23, 2016 we completed our farming project in a poor community in Khanh Son district. Located far to the southwest of Nha Trang in the rugged mountains, these communities are composed of ethic Raglay minorities who live in poverty. With this project, we sponsored 5 family farms that will bring sustainable economic growth to their communities.

Many of these families own a small plot of land, but are too poor to buy the necessary items to start their own farm. In a tragic twist, some families end up selling their plots to wealthy landowners from the city, who then hire the families to work the very land that they used to own. We didn’t want to see this cycle of poverty continue, so embarked on a project that would provide poor families everything they needed to start their own farm.

First, we met with needy families who wanted to farm their land, but did not have the funds to begin. Next, we identified worthwhile cash crops that would provide the families a steady income, and would be sustainable into the future. We chose durian trees and pepper plants. After purchasing the starter plants, the families began planting, and even children and neighbors came out to help. When everything was finished, we created a total of 1 hectare (10,000 square meters) of farms!

This project was funded by the kind donation of Mr. Marty McEwan of the USA and Lovingkindness Vietnam.

Thank you!!!