In December 2022 we had a fun holiday visit with the children at the Thien An Charity Home and School. We had reached out to the caretakers about bringing food and supplies for the month. They gave us a long list of items they needed, and our team organized a visit and planned a fun holiday party.

On this visit, we brought bags of rice, boxes of ramen, instant pho, glass noodles, cooking oil, pork, sausages, dumplings, canned fish, milk, butter, eggs, floor soap, and washcloths.

The children dressed up in little Santa outfits and looked so cute! Our team handed played music and games with the little ones as everyone jumped and danced around. Next, we handed out toys for all the children then they went inside for snacks and drinks. Finally, we brought out little statues and helped the children paint arts and crafts masterpieces. It was so much fun!

This special charity trip was made possible through the kind donations from Koshu Takatsuji, Daniel Cole, Minh Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Alysha Sims, Hung Pham, and Minh Tri Nguyen. Thank you!!!


This loving place is located in the hilly countryside of Khanh Hoa province. There are very few schools in this region and illiteracy among children is high. The local Thien An Catholic Church sought to help the children complete their schooling, so started the Thien An Charity Home and School. The children have housing accommodations and receive their meals in a communal dining hall. Classrooms have been set up so the children can all receive the education they richly deserve.