On June 23, 2019 we had a birthday party at a restaurant for the children at the Thien Tam Orphanage. Thien Tam is a loving home to a small group of orphans, located just south of Nha Trang. Regular supporters of Thien Tam, Chuck and Phi, wanted to give the children a special day to coincide with 4 of the children’s birthday. Our team organized a trip to a local restaurant and a birthday party for everyone.

The children and caretakers drove out to the restaurant and the 4 birthday children were presented with cakes with their names on them and presents. The other children were included in the fun and everyone got their own presents and slices of the birthday cakes. The children then sat at the table for a meal at the restaurant and raised their glasses of tea in a toast. It was a very fun party!

This special celebration was made possible through the continued support of Chuck and Phi Fiese.

Thank you!!!