On September 4, 2015 we brought food supplies and a fun party to the Sunflower Orphanage. This trip was sponsored by the amazing generosity and kindness of JL Support Services.

Sunflower cares for orphans in Nha Trang, while its sister orphanage, Dai An, cares for very young orphans in the countryside to the west of Nha Trang. With many mouths to feed, they are always in need of basic foodstuff. Our team, led by Mai Khanh and her team of volunteers on the Guiding Light team, brought bags of rice, boxes of noodles, cooking oil, seasonings, and boxes of dried fish and dried shrimp.

The big excitement of the day came when they unpacked boxes of ceramic statues and paints. A popular activity in Vietnam, painting statues is a luxury the orphanages can never afford. The children were so excited to get to paint! The orphans sat at tables in the library and went to work. It was a great day!

Thank you!!!