In early February 2021 we had a great visit with the children at the Sunflower Orphanage to celebrate the Lunar New Year – Tet in Vietnam. It’s the biggest holiday of the year with lots of fun traditions. We wanted the amazing children at the Sunflower Orphanage to enjoy these holiday traditions, so arranged a special holiday charity trip.

We coordinated with the caretakers and brought essential supplies for the orphanage and special Tet gifts for the children. For the orphanage we brought bags of sweet rice, packages of sausages, packages of mung beans, condensed milk, seasonings, and toiletries.

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, the children received new clothes, banh Tet cakes, and traditional foods and treats. The children gathered in the common room and were quick to try to on their new outfits. Our team of volunteers stayed for a while, and some of the children went outside to the main courtyard to play games. It was a fun visit!

This charity trip was made possible through the kindhearted donations of M Rosario Casas González, Celestine Pham, Paul Baty, and Ronald Schierer. Thank you!!!


The Sunflower Orphanage first began taking in orphans in 1993 and is located in the heart of Nha Trang. There are large facilities and separate locations for middle school and high school students. Sunflower currently cares for about 35 orphans aged 10 to 18, plus several toddlers. The orphanage has a history of taking in street children and youths from troubled homes and coordinates its efforts with the Dai An Orphanage.