On May 6, 2018 we had a fun visit at the Sunflower Orphanage and brought some essential supplies. Sunflower is a loving home to a large group of teenage orphans, located at several facilities in Nha Trang. We talked to the caretakers at the orphanage and asked what they were in need of. They had a specific list of requests, the biggest one being a new large-capacity rice cooker for the children’s meals. Our team loaded up a car and drove out to the orphanage. In addition to a new rice cooker, we also brought diapers for the orphanage’s 2 little babies, lots of soaps, shampoo, and cleaning products. As a snack for the children, we handed out some fruit, and spent some time with the children.

This visit was made possible through the kind donations of Scott Huynh, Dane Sawmiller, Stephen Do, and Dan, Van, and Devin Haynes.

Thank you!!!