On April 30, 2016 we brought relief to those most in need. Phu Hoa community is one of the poorest villages in Phu Yen province, several hours northwest of Nha Trang. One of our lead coordinators, Mai Khanh, and her friends had been in touch with a small pagoda in Phu Hoa. The nuns at the pagoda told us of the intense poverty in the region, and said there were 20 families in particular who would benefit from assistance. We organized a trip, bought supplies, and on April 30th made the long motorbike ride into Phu Yen.

We coordinated with the local government and the nuns at the pagoda in Phu Hoa to bring basic necessities to the 20 families that were identified, as well as small cash donations for them to buy medicine. The homes were ramshackle and dilapidated, and most of the people were elderly, some with physical and neurological impairments. In every case, the family members greeted our group with smiles, invited them into their humble homes, bowed in thanks upon receiving the gifts, and some gave hugs. It was surprising to encounter such positive spirits in the poorest environments, and it brought our group much joy to be a part of the experience.

This wonderful day was made possible through the kind donation of Mr. Hieu Nguyen of the USA.

Thank you!!!