On April 19, 2017 we visited the Nha Trang Blind Association with food essentials. This association is located in the heart of Nha Trang, and has been providing free services to the blind community for many years. In addition to offering guidance and support to people with significant visual impairments, the association provides charity assistance and job opportunities as well. It’s a wonderful place that seeks to help those in need, and has been the source of so much good over the years. Those who wish to earn extra income are trained to work in the modest factory on site, where booms are made, and later sold throughout the city. The association also trains people to provide massages, which are given on site as well.

We wished to contribute to the work the association does, and got in touch with the compassionate caretakers about how we could help. They said that the people who seek assistance at the center all come from poor families, and that basic foodstuff would be welcome. Led by our coordinator Mai Khanh, our team of volunteers organized a large visit. They brought a truck of rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, and other essentials, and prepared care packages for each recipient. The association organizers were extremely helpful, and coordinated with our team to ensure that everyone at the center received their donation of essential supplies.

This compassionate visit was made possible through the donations of the McDuffie family of the USA and the Lovingkindness Vietnam General Fund.

Thank you!!!