In early February, 2015 we arranged 2 year end parties for the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage and the Kim Son Charity School. These 2 trips were sponsored by a large group of donors who had made contributions to our general fund over the last few months. Tet is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam, and the poor families whose children attend these charity schools rarely have the opportunity to celebrate. Traditionally, children in Vietnam get new clothes for Tet, receive red envelopes of lucky money, play traditional games, and have lots of traditional food. Tet begins in mid-February this year, and we were happy to bring a year end party to these two wonderful places.

On February 4 we brought a big Tet party to the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage. There was a feast of traditional food, gift bags for each child, and red envelopes of lucky money.

On February 11 our team came to the Kim Son Charity School. The children received new clothes, gift bags, red envelopes of lucky money, and lots of traditional food.

Our deepest thanks to Deniel Cole, Chau Nguyen, Kari Peper, Sharon Page, Kathy Nguyen, Jane Turner, Debbie Finucane, Frank Kaul, Dane Sawmiller, Nhu Le, Chris Hammock, and Geoff Mitchell!