On January 30, 2015 we made a special trip to the Lac Thien Orphanage for Tet. This was made entirely possible through the support of JL Support Services.

Tet is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam, and the poor orphanages rarely have the funds to make the day special for the children. Traditionally, the children in Vietnam get new clothes for Tet, receive red envelopes of lucky money, play traditional games, and have lots of snacks and pop. It’s a special occasion that the orphans do not often experience.

For this trip, we took the children to the market earlier in the month and had them pick out new clothes and shoes for Tet. Then on the 30th, our team of Ngoc and Loan bought lots of provisions for the orphanage, including milk, baby formula, beans, cheese, noodles, tooth paste, soap, and a lot more. For the party, they brought treats and Coke, a dragon dance kit, lucky money, and all of the new clothes and shoes that the children had ordered from the market. When they arrived, the children were so surprised!

The children changed into their new clothes, and the boys put on the dragon dance costumes. In the Tet dragon dance, there are 3 characters: the Dragon, the God of the Sky, and the Monkey God. After the performance, we handed out red envelopes to all of the children.

It was a wonderful day for the children. Thank you!