In January 2022 we brought everyone Tet surprises at the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children. The Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam, and we wanted to do something special for the amazing children at Thua Sai. The children come from poor families who cannot afford some holiday traditions, so we arranged for surprise gifts for all the children.

We coordinated with the caretakers, and our team arrived with a van full of care packages. The children helped carry everything into the common room, then everyone gathered around. Each child got a care package to take home to their families consisting of traditional sticky rice cakes banh Tet and banh chung, traditional sweets, treats, and soda for a Tet party. We also arranged for a big lunch for everyone. It was a great visit!

This wonderful gift was made possible through the kindness of a family in the USA. Thank you!!!


Located in a peaceful country setting in Cam Ranh, to the south of Nha Trang, Thua Sai offers a home and school for children with neurological disorders whose parents cannot afford the specialized care their children require. The nuns and caretakers teach the children in classrooms on the grounds, and it is a loving home to these wonderful children.