In celebration of Tet, the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, we made four visits on February 2, 2013.

Two of the places that we visited were the Phu Quang Orphanage and the Lac Thien Orphanage. Both lie north of Nha Trang and survive only through donations. Joining us to these two places was a group of doctors from Nha Trang who work at local hospitals and clinics in Nha Trang. The children being cared for at Phu Quang and Lac Thien rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to have a check-up with a doctor.

The doctors sat down and examined every child, as well as some elderly people who either live at the pagoda, or in the poor communities nearby. They also brought medicine for the pagodas, and wrote out prescriptions to those that required it.

For the beginning of the new lunar year, it was a wonderful visit. Providing additional donations was Sam Barnes, which is detailed in another post. Thank you to Ngoc and the rest of our team in Nha Trang for this visit!