On August 15, 2017 we came to the Sunflower Orphanage to sponsor the full year’s education for every orphan, and have a fun craft party with the children. Sunflower is the sister orphanage of the Dai An orphanage, and cares for teenage orphans. They have several facilities in the heart of Nha Trang, and are a loving and supporting home to many children.

The school year is approaching, and the caretakers at Sunflower must pay the many costs of the children’s education. This includes buying new school uniforms, shoes, textbooks, school supplies, and paying school fees. We were very happy to be able to pay all the costs to ensure the children continue their education. The caretakers were overjoyed!

We wanted to throw a back-to-school party for the children, so Mai Khanh and her team of volunteers brought lots of arts and crafts supplies to the orphanage. They set up in the library, which the children had previously adorned with paper lanterns and decorations. We put out paints and little white statues on all the tables, and the children gathered around and began creating their masterpieces. Everyone had lots of fun, and a few of the boys found time to paint their faces.

Sponsoring the education of the Sunflower orphans and this fun craft party was made possible through the kindness of a family in the USA and a donation from the BEI Foundation. Thank you!!!