In January 2022 we delivered random kindness to Nha Trang’s poorest residents on Tet, the Lunar New Year. While Tet is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam, the most vulnerable struggle at this time of year. Prices for everyday goods goes up, and many cannot afford the traditions of the holiday.

Our lead coordinator, Mai Khanh, had the idea to give a Tet surprise to those who struggle the most. We organized a grand endeavor over two days to bring Tet and random kindness to the poorest people in Nha Trang. Our volunteers put together gift bags of everyday goods such as cooking oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, instant noodles, and snacks. Also included were traditional Banh Tet and Banh Chung sticky rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves plus red envelopes of lucky money.

Our team of volunteers drove around town on their motorbikes and handed out these Tet gifts, wishing the recipients a Happy New Year. The people they helped included junk collectors, recycling collectors, street vendors, beggars, and the homeless. Some were too surprised to react at first, and all were very thankful. It was an incredible adventure in random kindness!

Our contributions to this wonderful mission came from donations from Hanh Tong, Sylvia Dang, Paul Baty, Fred Sims, OneSource Building Technologies (OSBT), and the family of Dr Chad & Kim-Loan McDuffie and their children Delaney, Keagan & Anderson. Thank you!!!