In January 2022 we visited the Lang Chai Leprosy Village in Cam Ranh on a special Tet charity trip. We learned about this home for people afflicted with leprosy from talking to the nuns at the Nhan Ai Orphanage. Their church sometimes gives donations to the people at the village to support them. We also wanted to contribute with a special Lunar New Year visit, so arranged to have some general provisions delivered to all the residents.

There are about 20 people at the village, and they receive help through community donations. Our care packages consisted of traditional Tet sticky rice cakes banh Tet and banh chung, bags of rice, pickled preserves, instant noodles, and assorted snacks.

This charity trip was made possible through donations from Vivian Pham, Vanessa Nguyen, Alysha Sims, Elaine Nguyen, Minh Nguyen, Daniel Cole, Linh Lam, Kim Truong, Elaine Nguyen, and Weeks Autographs. Thank you!!!