On May 28, 2013 we brought a visitor from Singapore to the Mai Am Nhan Ai Orphange. Several months ago we were contacted by Mr. KB Thiam. KB works for the company Coatives in Singapore, which had committed to donating a generous amount of money to orphanages. In addition to Vietnam, they also had plans to bring aid to those suffering in Africa. We told KB about the children at Nhan Ai and the wonderful work the nuns do there, and he was excited to visit.

Our team met KB in Nha Trang and took him shopping for the children. They loaded up a bus, and together with our volunteers, drove south to Cam Ranh. The Mai Am Nhan Ai Orphanage is set in a beautiful countryside, with rice fields stretching off into the distance. We learned that Nhan Ai recently received many new babies, and items for small children were some of their most pressing needs. With the onset of summer, standing fans were also requested.

The children were very happy to have visitors, and KB brought lots of snacks and balloons to mark the occasion. We brought 3 standing fans, diapers, baby formula, baby soap, baby shampoo, and clothes. We were happy that KB got to spend lots of time with the children, and it was a wonderful afternoon.

Thanks to KB and those at Coactive who made a difference in these young children’s lives!