On May 7, 2013 we visited the Mai Am Thien Tam Orphanage. Several weeks ago we were contacted by Savy Cheam of the USA. Savy wished to help the children of Vietnam, and we immediately thought of the loving home of Thien Tam. The orphanage is reliant solely on donations to survive, and we contacted the caregivers about their most pressing needs. Food is always on the list, but they also mentioned needing more fans to keep the children cool in the summer heat, and other essential items.

Our team was lead by Ngoc, who bought three new fans, cooking pots, dish and laundry soaps, milk, snacks, and toys for the children. Ngoc, Loan, and the rest of our team arrived at lunch time, and sat with the kids as they finished their meals. It’s getting so hot now in Vietnam that it’s more comfortable to sit on the cool tile floor than at a table. After lunch, the children dove into the snacks that we brought and started playing with the toys.

It was a great visit, and our thanks to Savy for making it all happen!