On June 28, 2012 we finished the new playground project at the Mai Am Nhan Ai Orphanage.

The project was begun over three months ago, all through the donations from Liem Hong of New Jersey, USA. At long last Liem’s commitment came to fruition, and a brand new playground set was completed. There are slides, a jungle gym, a climbing rope wall, and a ball house for the orphans to play on. The entire facility is set on the same soft white sand that is native to the area, with a tin canopy to protect it on rainy days.

The project began several months ago. In March of this year, Liem visited Nha Trang with the mission of charity in his heart. In the two days that he was in town he visited the Mai Am Nhan Ai Orphanage, the Sunflower Children’s Home, and the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children. At every place he visited, Liem made generous contributions to these wonderful homes for children. Before he left, he pledged to do more to help these three places. In April, 2012 Liem made it possible for us to bring three new computers to the Sunflower Children’s Home. Now, he has built a wonderful playground set for the orphans at Mai Am Nhan Ai.

Sister Huong told us that the children couldn’t wait to begin playing on their new playground, and the nuns are extremely happy that the little ones have a safe place to play and be active. Thanks once again to Liem and his family for his incredible generosity!