In January 2024 we presented all the children and teachers at the Kim Son Charity School Lunar New Year care packages to take home to their families. Tet is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam, and the children of Kim Son all come from poor families who struggle during the holidays. We wanted to give the students something special to take home to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

We coordinated with the nuns at the school and arranged for everyone to get special gifts. Each child got traditional Tet sweets and foods, red envelopes of lucky money, bags of rice, boxes of noodles, bottles of fish sauce and soy sauce, and seasonings. The amazing teachers at the school also got Tet gifts. It was a wonderful day!

This special holiday visit was made possible through the kind donations from Vanessa Nguyen, Vivian Pham, Songloc Dao, Alysha Sims, Koshu Takatsuji, Kateryna Lo, Daniel Cole, Jef O’Riley, Avani Macwan, Elaine Nguyen, and Brian Collins. Thank you!!!

This charity trip also came from a donation from the Catanese-Simon family in honor of Ralph and Trish Catanese.


This wonderful organization offers free primary school education at their charity school, plus free sewing skills training at their free vocational school for those who live in Vinh Luong ward, 15 kilometers north of Nha Trang. Founded at the Kim Son Pagoda  in 1994 by the Buddhist nun Thich Nu Dieu Phuc, it has long been a loving source of education for local youngsters. There are classrooms which grades 1 to 5 split in morning and afternoon shifts, and another room with donated sewing machines for those who want to learn tailoring skills. All the children are from poor families, and the school exists through the kindness of donations.