In August 2023 we had a very fun visit with the children at the Loc Tho Charity School. We had reached out to the Loc Tho nuns and asked what we could bring the school this month. They provided a detailed list of items, most of which was general foodstuff for the children’s meals. Our team of volunteers did all the shopping in Nha Trang, loaded up a van, and drove out to the school.

The children were in class when we arrived, so we brought all the supplies into the main courtyard. On this visit, we brought bags of rice, boxes of ramen, seasonings, sugar, mushrooms, tofu sheets, milk, cooking oil, potatoes, penne noodles, vegan meat pies, vegan pork, vegan fish sauce, and laundry detergent.

The children took a break from their studies and filed out into the courtyard. As they were walking out, our team was busy preparing bubble tea drinks for everyone to enjoy. We handed out cups to all the children, who got to enjoy a yummy treat between lessons. There were lots of smiles!

This charity trip was made possible through donations from the Kinghurst Foundation. Thank you!!!


The Loc Tho Pagoda has had a charity school since 1991, which was founded by Sister Thich Nu Dieu Y.  Sister Dieu Y dedicated her life to the children and passed away in 2014. The school is now run by the amazing and loving nuns of the Loc Tho pagoda. It’s a free primary school for poor children in the community whose parents cannot afford the costs of a public education. Textbooks, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and teachers’ fees are all paid for by the school, and all children are welcome. The school provides breakfast and lunch for the students. The pagoda also cares for several orphans and foster children.