In Mid-July 2020 we joined with a local charity and visited the poor community of Khanh Son. Located in the mountainous area to the southwest of Nha Trang, Khanh Son is composed of farming hamlets and villages, populated by ethnic minorities. The region suffers from extensive poverty, and we wished to lighten the burden of parents of small children by providing some essential food supplies.

Leading this effort was one of our lead coordinators, Mai Khanh, who is also a member of the local charity Guiding Light. The members of Guiding Light coordinated this massive effort, and we were very happy to contribute. They reached out to 4 primary schools in Khanh Son, worked with the schools and local governments to identify the poorest families, and arranged for parents to bring their children to the school to receive the supplies.

Our first stop was the C10 To Hap primary school. The children gathered in the courtyard and our team handed out boxes of noodles, bottles of soy sauce, rice flour, and seasonings. Next, the group prepared yummy bubble tea drinks for all the children.

Our second stop was the Chi Chay xa Song Trung primary school. The children lined up in front of their classroom and received their essential foodstuff. Everyone then sat on the ground, and the volunteers handed out their yummy drinks.

The Guiding Light group then went to two more schools, which we’ll update on a separate post.

Our contributions to the visits to these two schools were made through kindhearted donations by Elaine Nguyen, Tam Le, Dimitrios Taros, and Suruchi Khemka. Thank you!!!