In January 2023 we organized a large effort to bring aid to poor communities. The Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam, but for poor families it can add an extra level of stress. Costs for basic food skyrockets during the holidays, and many families cannot afford to buy some of the traditional foods and treats for their children. We wanted to help as many as we could this year.

Our team of volunteers prepared special gift bags for Tet, and gathered at a local church in the countryside. Families in the area were notified, and they came one by one to receive their gifts. Each family received a set of new clothes to wear to welcome the New Year, a Banh Tet sticky rice cake, and general food supplies including a box of noodles, seasonings, soy sauce, fish sauce, canned fish, sugar, rice, and snacks.

There were big smiles from everyone as they received their gifts. It was a lovely day!

This special charity trip was made possible through the kind donations from JL Support Services. Thank you!!!