On July 18, 2019 we brought lots of fresh food to the Khanh Son Charity Home. Located in the mountainous area to the southwest of Nha Trang, the Khanh Son Charity Home is a loving place that houses and cares for many of the community’s children whose families struggle to support and provide for them. Some of the children stay at the home year-round, sleep in dormitories, and have meals together in a communal dining hall. The nuns provide a nurturing environment for all, ensure the children attend local public schools, and offer free daycare, kindergarten, and after-school tutoring lessons.

We contacted the nuns and asked what food they needed for the month of July. We took their shopping list to local markets and bought everything they asked for. We brought many bags of fresh vegetables, varieties of fish, and varieties of meat. The children stacked everything in the common room then carried the food to the kitchen.

A big midday meal came next and the children gathered in the large dining hall for a healthy lunch. Afterwards, the children assigned to dish washing duty for the day did the cleaning up.

All this fresh food for the children was made possible through the kind donations of Daniel Cole, Jull Nguyen, Ron Weekes, Suruchi Khemka, Jennifer Nguyen, and Michael Phan.

Thank you!!!