On February 27, 2015 we brought healthy food and fun games to the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage. The Loc Tho Pagoda provides a home for about 30 young orphans, and offers a free primary school for poor children in the surrounding area. The costs of school fees, uniforms, books, and supplies make it difficult for poor families to send their children to school, and Loc Tho has long offered a solution to ensure that the gift of education is provided to all.

The children all receive free meals at Loc Tho, and with so many mouths to feed they are often given just the very basics. Thanks to committed donors Lloyd and Esther, we were able to provide supplemental food that included milk, juice, meat pies, mushrooms, dried seaweed, and seasonings. Thank you Lloyd and Esther!

We also brought the children some fun games to play. We brought building blocks for the youngsters, and plain ceramic statues with paints. The students at Loc Tho enjoyed making their own artistic creations with the ceramics. These were made possible through the continued generosity of Richard and Marjorie. Thank you!