On August 11, 2011 we revisited the Dien Dong community, 25 kilometers west of Nha Trang. This is a rural community comprised of farmers and those living at the bottom of the economic ladder. In the heart of Dien Dong is the Buu Suon Pagoda, which receives donations to help the community, and coordinates with the Dien Dong People’s Committee to arrange ceremonies for the charitable allocation.

Thich Thong Hue is head monk at the pagoda, and informed Lovingkindness Vietnam that he had raised 31 million VND and was planning a ceremony. We contacted longtime donors Jeff and Khanh Boisson and Vo Ngoc Thang, who contributed an additional 25 million VND to the pagoda’s cause. With these funds, the organizers arranged for each family in the community to receive a set amount of rice, cooking oil, noodles, sugar, and a small cash stipend.

It was a bright sunny day for the ceremony, and was attended by local business leaders and members of the People’s Committee of Dien Dong. The recipients of the donations were in good spirits, and it was a wonderful day in the countryside.

We wish to thank all those who contributed directly to the pagoda and the organizers of the event. Thanks also to Vo Ngoc Thang and the Boisson family once again.