On August 28, 2012 we arranged a visit to the Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage with a group of Japanese students. Several months ago, a young woman named Yusaku contacted us about a visit her and her fellow classmates were going to make to Nha Trang. They wished to visit an orphanage and help in some way. Prior to their arrival we bought food and school supplies, and arranged for transportation for their group.

On Tuesday morning, our lead volunteer, Ngoc, loaded up the bus with all of their purchases, and picked up the group at their hotel. The children were surprised to see such a large group, and were overjoyed to see so many donations. When everything was unloaded there were boxes of dried fish, dried squid, dried shrimp, bags of rice, boxes of noodles, cans of baby formula, school supplies, milk, snacks, and balloons. They spent the morning at the orphanage getting to know the children and playing games. It was a wonderful day.

We also brought a generous donation from Nicole from Australia, which will go to the orphanage’s monthly needs.

Our thanks to Yusaku and all of her friends for bringing such joy to the children, and to Nicole and her friends for their continued support for the children.