On October 12, 2018 we visited the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children with lots of essential supplies. Located in a peaceful country setting in Cam Ranh, to the south of Nha Trang, Thua Sai offers a home and school for children with neurological disorders whose parents cannot afford the specialized care their children require. The nuns and caretakers teach the children in classrooms on the grounds, and it is a loving home to these wonderful children.

On this visit, we brought racks of eggs, boxes of noodles, packages of seasonings, bottles of soy sauce, bottles of cooking oil, bottles of hot sauce, floor soap, dish soap, toiletries, and rain coats. We handed out balloons and snacks to the children, who were amazing and sweet as always.

This visit was made possible through a donation from the BEI Foundation.

Thank you!!!