In July 2023 our team had a fun visit with the children at the Song Lo Orphanage.  After speaking with the caretakers about the orphanage’s needs for the month, we planned our visit. First, our volunteers in Nha Trang went to local markets and bought all the food and provisions the caretakers had requested. Next, we loaded everything into a van and drove out to the orphanage.

When we arrived, the children greeted our team and helped carry everything into the common room. On this visit, we brought boxes of ramen, mushrooms, jelly, flour, white noodles, seasonings, vegan meats, vegan meat pies, vegan oyster sauce, mung beans, vegetables, peanuts, seasonings, and yogurt.

As a yummy treat, we handed out chilled bubble tea drinks to all the children. It was a lovely day!

This charity visit was made in honor of the life of Kimle Mac Quick of Simi Valley, CA.


The history of the Song Lo Orphanage’s beginnings is heartwarming. As the story goes, a Buddhist monk was traveling in the countryside when he encountered a woman who said she could not care for her 2 children. She left the babies with the monk and fled. Not expecting to have 2 babies to care for, the monk made his way to the Song Lo pagoda, and the head nun at the pagoda, Sister Cat, agreed to care for the children. From that point on, orphans have been either brought to the pagoda, or abandoned at their gates. Formed in 2012, the Song Lo Orphanage cares for a small group of young children. Located adjacent the Son Lo pagoda, it’s a small facility deep in the countryside west of Nha Trang.