On July 10, 2018 we visited the Dai An Orphanage. Located far to the southwest of Nha Trang in Cam Ranh, Dai An is a loving home to a large group of younger orphans. We contacted the caregivers to learn of the orphanage’s most pressing needs, and organized a trip. When our team arrived, the little ones helped carry everything into the main common room. We brought fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh and packaged meats, soaps and shampoo, laundry detergent and cleaning products, and snacks.


We handed out balloons and the children danced around having a balloon party. Our lead coordinator, Mai Khanh, then handed out coloring sheets and crayons, and the children sat on the floor for a crafts party. They were very proud of their creations!

This charity trip was made possible through the kind donations of Sharon Kelly, Stephen Milne, and Scott Huynh.

Thank you!!!