In April 2021 we had a lovely visit with the children at the Song Lo Orphanage. We had reached out to the nuns and asked if there was anything the orphanage needed. They gave us a detailed list of items, and our team did all the shopping at local markets. We loaded up a van and drove out to the orphanage.

After our team arrived, they brought all the provisions into the main common room, and the children gathered around. We brought packages of glass noodles, yogurt, sugar, seasonings, siracha, vegan meat pies, vegan chicken, vegan pork,  mushrooms, bottles of vegan fish sauce, walnuts, peanuts, mung beans, dish soap, bar soap, toiletries, detergent, and fabric softener.

As a treat for the children, we handed out watermelon flavored popsicles to everyone. A cool treat for a hot day! Our team of volunteers chatted with the nuns and watched the children playing in the courtyard.

This charity trip was made possible through the kindhearted donations of Dan, Van, and Devin Haynes. Thank you!!!


The history of the Song Lo Orphanage’s beginnings is heartwarming. As the story goes, a Buddhist monk was travelling in the countryside when he encountered a woman who said she could not care for her 2 children. She left the babies with the monk and fled. Not expecting to have 2 babies to care for, the monk made his way to the Song Lo pagoda, and the head nun at the pagoda, Sister Cat, agreed to care for the children. From that point on, orphans have been either brought to the pagoda, or abandoned at their gates. Formed in 2012, the Song Lo Orphanage cares for a small group of young children. Located adjacent the Son Lo pagoda, it’s a small facility deep in the countryside west of Nha Trang.