On October 1, 2017 we visited the Lac Thien Orphanage with essential supplies, plus a fun holiday party. Lac Thien is a large orphanage to the north of Nha Trang in Ninh Hoa district. In addition to caring for many orphans of all ages, they also look after several displaced elderly people from the local village. It’s a loving home for all, and we always enjoy our visits there. We contacted the nuns about their most pressing needs, and our team put together a visit. We brought bags of rice, boxes of noodles, boxes of dried fish, boxes of dried squid, cooking oil, seasonings, cleaning products, bathroom supplies, and dental supplies.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday that is especially fun for children in Vietnam. They get to eat yummy treats such as mooncakes, and parade about with traditional lanterns. For this visit, we brought many packages of mooncakes and snacks, plus lanterns for all of the children. Everyone crowded around our supplies in the main courtyard, and there was a frenzy of activity as the children gathered their treats, then opened and put together their lanterns. It was a very fun occasion!

This amazing visit was made possible through the donations of a large group of people from around the world. The children of Lac Thien wish to thank Kari Pepar, Dane Sawmiller, Daniel Cole, Alexander Phan, Maximilian Nilsson-Ladner, Vo Linh Nguyen, Suruchi Khemka, Ngoc Yen Banh, Yasmine Duong, and Dan, Van, & Devin Haynes.

Thank you!!!