On August 25, 2014 we visited the Phu Quang Orphanage with gifts for the Trung Thu Festival. Earlier this year our lead coordinator, Ngoc, brought Minh and Chau Bui of the USA to Phu Quang. They gave the children heartfelt gifts and formed a strong connection with the orphans. Upon their return to the USA, Minh and Chau wished to do something special for Trung Thu, also called the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is tradition for children in Vietnam to be given lanterns on this holiday, and special sweets as well. Through Minh and Chau’s kindness, Ngoc brought lots of paper and woven lanterns to the orphans of Phu Quang, and plenty of traditional food and sweets. Thank you Minh and Chau for bringing joy to these children’s lives!