On September 21, 2015 we brought special gifts to the Nhan Ai Orphanage. These were provided through donations made by JL Support Services. When we talked to the head nun at Nhan Ai, we asked if they had any big wishes to help the orphanage. She told us that because they are in a rural area, their neighborhood is prone to regular power outages. With over 130 orphans to care for, having no power for any length of time can be a huge disruption. Having no lights in the orphanage compound is a safety concern with so many small children about, and it disrupts all manner of daily life. With this donation, we bought a powerful generator that can power the entire orphanage during outages. The nun also said that their one and only TV had stopped working some time ago. Smaller children liked watching cartoons, and with so many kids, from newborn to 18 years old at the orphanage, their TV was a welcome source of entertainment. Also with this donation, we bought them a nice new TV. Many of the children came out to celebrate and get pictures with their new gifts, and we passed out balloons to make the occasion more festive.

Thank you JL Support Services!