The volunteers of Lovingkindness Vietnam are dedicated to the charity’s mission of improving the lives of youngsters in Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. All members of our team put forth all of their work from the heart, and do not receive salaries.

Board of Directors:

Ahren Sims, Director
Khanh Sims, Vice Director

Ahren & Khanh Sims
Ahren & Khanh SimsFounders
Ahren is the lead coordinator of local programs, and is the primary contact for corporate donors and partnerships. Khanh stays in constant contact with the orphanages and charity schools, and is the main contact for Vietnamese donors. Ahren and Khanh live in Portland, Oregon.
Do Dinh Mai Khanh
Do Dinh Mai KhanhLead Coordinator
Sister of founder Khanh Sims, Mai Khanh has dedicated her time to championing many of our charity efforts. She has coordinated large projects with several causes, including orphanages and charity schools. Her group of friends, nicknamed the Guiding Light Group, have been amazing volunteers at many visits.
Phan Ngoc Loan and LeThanh Nhan
Phan Ngoc Loan and LeThanh NhanLead Coordinators
Loan and Nhan have known founder Khanh Sims since they were children. When Khanh and Ahren began visiting orphanages and charity schools in the area, Loan and Nhan were the first to join up. They both run shops at a local market, and are two of our best shoppers for food and supplies.
A. V. Sims
A. V. SimsPhoto Editor
AV is a student, an avid fan of photography, and a whiz at computers. She volunteers several hours a week to comb through our many pictures and get them ready for our website.