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///Many gifts for the Song Lo Orphanage

Many gifts for the Song Lo Orphanage

On September 13, 2015 we brought many supplies to the Song Lo Orphanage. This gift was made entirely possible through the kindness of Christine Riley. Song Lo is a small, poor orphanage west of Nha Trang. When we asked the nuns at Song Lo if they had any needs at the moment, they requested some specific items for the orphans. Our lead coordinator, Mai Khanh, came out to the orphanage with her team of Guiding Light volunteers, and a van filled with supplies. We brought bags of rice, boxes of noodles, diapers, towels, soaps, blankets, soy sauce, cooking oil, seasonings, snacks, and many toys.

They children, of course, dove right into the toys, and it was a very fun visit!

Thank you, Christine!

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