In December 2022 we arranged to have lots of food and other supplies delivered to the Phu Quang Orphanage. After speaking with the head nun, we wrote down a detailed list of items the orphanage needed this month. We worked with local shops and had everything delivered directly to the orphanage.

The children helped carry everything inside and stack all the provisions in the common room. This month, we brought packages of white noodles, bottles of soy sauce, boxes of ramen noodles, cooking oil, milk, bags of rice, and fresh vegetables.

The children enjoyed some snacks, and the nuns were kind enough to send us some other pictures of the children’s daily routines.

This charity trip was made possible through the kind donations of Bichlien Nguyen and Dan, Van, and Devin Haynes. Thank you!!!


The Phu Quang Orphanage was founded by Sister Thich Nu Dieu An at the Phu Quang pagoda in the early 2000’s. For many years, the orphanage has been a loving home to a group of orphans and a foster home to neighborhood children whose families struggle to support and provide for them. Phu Quang cares for a small group of children in a loving environment.